Hrvoje Pandzic

Hrvoje Pandzic

Hrvoje Pandzic

Personal Information

I was born in 1984 in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. I received a dipl. ing. title, equivalent to the M.E.E., at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in 2007. I defended a PhD thesis Bilevel Optimization Models for Maintenance Scheduling of Transmission Lines and Generating Units under the supervision of Prof. Igor Kuzle in 2011. During my PhD studies I was a visiting researcher for 3 months at University of Castilla-La Mancha under the supervision of Prof. Antonio Conejo. After graduation, I was a Post-doctoral Researcher at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, where I worked on project Energy Positioning: Control and Economics under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Kirschen.

Currently, I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Power and Energy Systems at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing University of Zagreb. My research interests cover integration of renewable energy sources, unit commitment models, energy markets, power system planning and analysis, and integration of electric vehicles and storage systems. I teach the following courses:
  1. Optimization Methods for Power Systems (winter semester of Doctoral studies)
  2. Distribution Networks and Distributed Generation (winter semester of Masters studies)
  3. Electricity Markets (winter semester of Masters studies)
  4. Maintenance in Power Systems (winter semester of Masters studies)
  5. Power System Laboratory I (winter semester of Masters studies)
  6. Management in Engineering (summer semester of Bachelors studies)
  7. Energy Storage (summer semester of Masters studies)
  8. Power System Planning and Operation (summer semester of Masters studies)
My industry experience is based on over 120 technical studies I have been involved in. These include connection of renewable energy sources, energy storage, conventional power plants and large customers to distribution and transmission networks (capacities range from 10 kW to couple of hundreds of MW), electricity market design, hydro power plant maintenance scheduling, distribution network planning, induced voltage measurements on transmission power lines, various testings of earthing systems, relay protection setup, and more.

I have been involved in organization of European Energy Market 2011, EuroCon 2013, EnergyCon 2014 and MedPower 2018 conferences. I am an editor for IEEE Transactions on Power Systems journal and member of IEEE (PE31, IA34, E25 and WIE), INFORMS and CIGRE.

My hobbies include basketball, cycling, hiking, traveling, and exploring cultures and countries.


Research and teaching

Research and teaching

2012 - 2014

Post-doctoral Researcher

University of Washington

Researcher on the project Energy Positioning: Control and Economics

Research and teaching

Research and teaching assistant



University of Zagreb/M.E.E.


University of Zagreb/PhD