Hrvoje Pandzic

Hrvoje Pandzic

Hrvoje Pandzic



I am a member of the Smart Grid Lab at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. This unique laboratory facility is a fully digital microgrid composed of a hydro power plant (with Pelton turbine), photovoltaic panels, multiple battery energy storage units, electric vehicle charger, digital loads as well as an internal grid. Our latest achievement is the implementation of control using augmented reality glasses (Microsoft Hololens). You should definitely check out our cool demonstration video here!

Open Positions

Currently, there are few open positions funded through the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund. Well-motivated candidates are welcome to apply by sending me an email.
Self-funded students and researchers are welcome to contact me regarding joining the team as well.

Current PhD Students

Domagoj Badanjak
Hrvoje Bašić
Mateo Beus
Nikolina Čović
Ivan Grcić
Marija Miletić
Ivan Pavić
Karlo Šepetanc

Current Postdocs

Vedran Bobanac

Project Managers

Davor Latković
Marija Tafra

Graduated PhD Students

Zora Luburić graduated in March 2021 with Summa cum laude. Her doctorate Optimal power system operation and planning of investments in new lines, energy storage and continuous serial compensation of power lines was awarded under the Scandinavian model after publishing five papers in JCR journals. Members of her PhD Committee: Prof. Marko Delimar (UNIZG-FER), Prof. Miguel Carrion (Univ. Castilla-La Mancha), Prof. Igor Kuzle (UNIZG-FER). Zora was employed at UNIZG-FER as a Research Assistant in the period 2015-2018, when she joined the Croatian TSO HOPS

Graduated Master Students

Nikolina Čović – graduated in 2020, now with the Univ. Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Matea Vidan – graduated in 2020, now with Uprise
Jako Cammu (KU Leuven) – graduated in 2018
Filip Kopecki – graduated in 2018
Marija Miletić – graduated in 2018, now with the Univ. Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Josip Pavlek – graduated in 2017
Monika Vujica – graduated in 2016, now with the Croatian TSO HOPS
Luka Punda – graduated in 2015, now with the Croatian Power Exchange CROPEX