Hrvoje Pandzic

Hrvoje Pandzic

Hrvoje Pandzic


Currently, there are no open positions. However, interested individuals are encouraged to contact me for future positions. Also, self-funded students and researchers are welcome to join the team.

Current Postdocs

Vedran Bobanac

Current PhD Students

Hrvoje Bašić
Mateo Beus
Marija Miletić
Zora Luburić
Ivan Pavić

Graduated Master Students

Luka Punda – graduated in 2015, now with the Croatian Power Exchange CROPEX
Monika Vujica – graduated in 2016, now with the Croatian TSO HOPS
Josip Pavlek – graduated in 2017
Filip Kopecki – graduated in 2018
Marija Miletić – graduated in 2018, now with the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Jako Cammu (KU Leuven) – graduated in 2018