Hrvoje Pandzic

Hrvoje Pandzic

Hrvoje Pandzic


Currently, there are no open positions. However, interested individuals are encouraged to contact me for future positions. Also, self-funded students and researchers are welcome to join the team.

Current Postdocs

Vedran Bobanac

Current PhD Students

Hrvoje Bašić
Mateo Beus
Zora Luburić
Ivan Pavić

Graduated Master Students

Luka Punda – graduated in 2015, now with the Croatian Power Exchange CROPEX
Monika Vujica – graduated in 2016, now with the Croatian TSO HOPS
Josip Pavlek – graduated in 2017
Filip Kopecki – graduated in 2018
Marija Miletić – graduated in 2018
Jako Cammu (KU Leuven) – graduated in 2018